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3 Tips to Welcome Autumn!

Wow!  It's been a busy summer of training and consulting for me.  

How about you?  How did your summer go?  Can you believe it's already over???

Are you smoothly transitioning to Autumn?  Transitions are what I want to write about today.  

Most of us are so busy juggling life we forget to take a moment to stop, connect and breathe before we move from one thing to another.  For some, changes can be jarring or unsettling.  For others, it could be a feeling of overwhelm or anxiety about upcoming holidays.  For many, it's a time for school to begin and that has its own rhythm of schedule changes.  

Outside, we have the changes in sunlight, color of the trees, and cooler temperatures.  These changes too need to be acknowledged and transitioned into.  

What are ways we can ease into new changes or seasons?  

1) Bring nature inside-  If we live and work inside and don't get a chance to be in nature, it's...

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Summer 2023

Happy Summer!

Last week I had a dear friend and colleague visiting and we found our way to this interesting museum.  (Photo above) The Country Doctor Museum.  There is a small medicine garden and three historic buildings with informative displays (including live leeches).  It brought a smile to my lips to see the herbal tonic for menstruating women included many of the same herbs we use to this day.  

What have you been up to???

Let’s catch up on some of my thoughts about summer and learn a little more about natural health. Topics for today:

  • Camping
  • Classes
  • Courage
  • Crafting

If it’s been awhile since your last energy assessment, you can make an appointment here: 

Appointment HERE

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Are you ready for 2023?


Are you ready to welcome in the new year?  

After the holiday indulgence period, this is the time of year that so many want to make a fresh start on their health.  It's one of the biggest resolutions made around the world. Resolutions such as:

  • Lose weight
  • Exercise more
  • Eat healthier
  • Drink more water

Most of you know that when you feel good, you move through the seasons with ease and joy.  However, I know most of you because you don't feel good.  My job as a Traditional Naturopath is to use my experience and training to assist you in achieving your health goals. 

Sometimes we go astray (like I did this holiday season by eating too much sugar).  Other times life throws us curveballs and we get off track.  

Whatever and wherever we are on our own health journeys, I hope you take a moment tonight to think about what areas of your life are out of balance and in your control.  Where do you want to focus for the new...

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