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Sandra's Blog

3 Tips to Welcome Autumn!

Wow!  It's been a busy summer of training and consulting for me.  

How about you?  How did your summer go?  Can you believe it's already over???

Are you smoothly transitioning to Autumn?  Transitions are what I want to write about today.  

Most of us are so busy juggling life we forget to take a moment to stop, connect and breathe before we move from one thing to another.  For some, changes can be jarring or unsettling.  For others, it could be a feeling of overwhelm or anxiety about upcoming holidays.  For many, it's a time for school to begin and that has its own rhythm of schedule changes.  

Outside, we have the changes in sunlight, color of the trees, and cooler temperatures.  These changes too need to be acknowledged and transitioned into.  

What are ways we can ease into new changes or seasons?  

1) Bring nature inside-  If we live and work inside and don't get a chance to be in nature, it's...

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