Private Consultation Request

As a Wellness Consultant I spend my time with you sharing information that can assist you on your own, unique journey to wellness. Utilizing sophisticated energetic tools I work with you to monitor your progress energetically and discuss ways for you to integrate holistic practices to keep you on your path.

For those unable to come to North Carolina or a long distance personal appointment, you can start your healing journey today with the inexpensive Be The Healer online class.  CLICK HERE

If you would like to request a private wellness consultation with Sandra, please email  [email protected]  with the following:

  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Best time to contact you

Initial consultations are $250 and Follow-up Consultations are $175

You have your choice of coming to Cornelius, North Carolina for an in-person consultation or you can send in a surrogate envelope (instructions will be emailed in response to your request) for a distance appointment.    

Distance appointments are scheduled when surrogate envelope, release form and client information form with payment is received.

Mail surrogate envelopes to:

Sandra Stewart

Life-Thyme Solutions, LLC

17111 Kenton Place

Suite 206B

Cornelius, NC, 28031



What to Expect During Your Appointment:

*Sign on to website per email instructions or arrive at the office  5 min before appointment time

*To discuss your health history and concerns

*Dowsing (Radiesthesia - using a pendulum) for energetic balancing

*Use of energy tools for energy clearing/balancing

*Possible Supplement Suggestions for you to incorporate in your wellness journey


What to Bring to Your Appointment:

*Internet connection with webcam ability for distance appointment

*Loose, Comfortable Clothing

*Current Supplements

*Current Prescription Medication ***

*Health Information

*Wellness Goal

*Open Mind and Heart


***Note: Please read disclaimer below, Sandra Stewart may not diagnose nor prescribe.  We ask you bring your current prescription medication not to evaluate it but to use it as a filter when energetically testing you.

email: [email protected]

ph: 704.247.6677