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As a Wellness Consultant I spend my time with you sharing information that can assist you on your own, unique journey to wellness. Utilizing sophisticated energetic tools I work with you to monitor your progress energetically and discuss ways for you to integrate holistic practices to keep you on your path.

For online booking click here: ONLINE BOOKING PORTAL

For those unable to come to North Carolina or a long distance personal appointment, you can start your healing journey today with the inexpensive Be The Healer online class.  CLICK HERE

If you would like to request a private wellness consultation with Sandra, please email  [email protected]  with the following:

  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Best time to contact you

Initial consultations are $250 and Follow-up Consultations are $175

You have your choice of coming to Cornelius, North Carolina for an in-person consultation or you can send in a surrogate envelope (instructions will be emailed in response to your request) for a distance appointment.    

Distance appointments are scheduled when surrogate envelope, release form and client information form with payment is received.

Mail surrogate envelopes to:

Sandra Stewart

Life-Thyme Solutions, LLC

17111 Kenton Place

Suite 206B

Cornelius, NC, 28031



What to Expect During Your Appointment:

*Sign on to website per email instructions or arrive at the office  5 min before appointment time

*To discuss your health history and concerns

*Dowsing (Radiesthesia - using a pendulum) for energetic balancing

*Use of energy tools for energy clearing/balancing

*Possible Supplement Suggestions for you to incorporate in your wellness journey


What to Bring to Your Appointment:

*Internet connection with webcam ability for distance appointment

*Loose, Comfortable Clothing

*Current Supplements

*Current Prescription Medication ***

*Health Information

*Wellness Goal

*Open Mind and Heart


***Note: Please read disclaimer below, Sandra Stewart may not diagnose nor prescribe.  We ask you bring your current prescription medication not to evaluate it but to use it as a filter when energetically testing you.

email: [email protected]

ph: 704.247.6677