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3 Tips to Welcome Autumn!

Wow!  It's been a busy summer of training and consulting for me.  

How about you?  How did your summer go?  Can you believe it's already over???

Are you smoothly transitioning to Autumn?  Transitions are what I want to write about today.  

Most of us are so busy juggling life we forget to take a moment to stop, connect and breathe before we move from one thing to another.  For some, changes can be jarring or unsettling.  For others, it could be a feeling of overwhelm or anxiety about upcoming holidays.  For many, it's a time for school to begin and that has its own rhythm of schedule changes.  

Outside, we have the changes in sunlight, color of the trees, and cooler temperatures.  These changes too need to be acknowledged and transitioned into.  

What are ways we can ease into new changes or seasons?  

1) Bring nature inside-  If we live and work inside and don't get a chance to be in nature, it's really easy to feel like time is moving too fast or that you haven't caught up.  

Nature moves in a dance with the sun and the moon cycles.  The flora and fauna have their own way of transitioning into new seasons.  

Some of the homeopathic remedies I suggest are actually created with these same cycles.  This is done by utilizing BioDynamic farming principles to grow healthy plants, herbs, and animals. Remedies based on Anthroposophic Medicine can help you get in touch with nature because they come from nature.  

I am noticing the mushrooms popping up, deer darting in the trees and even a family of rabbits hopping about today.  They are all naturally moving with the season by gathering, fattening up, and preparing for winter.

What do you need to do to help yourself be present this Autumn?

I suggest we need to use all of our senses to move into a new season.  So go outside and take a deep breath of the crisp Autumn air.  Pick up a few pinecones or late blooming flowers and bring them inside.  Make some healthy pumpkin muffins with lots of spice.  Have a cup of tea and sit outside to just absorb the scenic transformations Mother Nature is providing for you.  

Tip: Pinecones, acorns and pumpkins are a simple way to bring the abundance of Autumn indoors. 

2) Craft a seasonal project- Crafting can bring our attention and intention to the moment.  

It's a great way to welcome Autumn.  The picture on this blog shows knitted pumpkins I have enjoyed making.  Adding a cinnamon stick as a stem brings the scent of Autumn to me.  Here is one of many free patterns that are available on the internet: Free Knit Pumpkin Pattern.

However, crafting doesn't have to be knitting.  You could use any crafting method to bring in the Autumn spirit.  Carving, sewing, spinning, cross-stitch, painting, drawing, and other crafting modalities can bring simple pleasures to this season.  Crafting with family or friends can be even more enjoyable and allows you to get out of the analytical side of the brain.  Stir up your creative juices and make something seasonal.  I'd love to hear what you craft you would like to do.  

I enjoy the freedom audio books give me to listen and craft.  To me, there is nothing better than carving out a few moments to listen while I craft. I light a beeswax tea candle, place it in a small mason jar filled with water and enjoy the ambiance.  It is there, at my table decorated with knitted pumpkins,  you'll find me knitting, listening and sipping a good cup of tea. 

Tip: Light a beeswax candle as the days grow darker.  Candlelight adds that extra sparkle to your craft time.   

3) Connect the heart and brain I am a big proponent of practicing Hearth Math meditations.  

We are all stressed!  It's the most common complaint I hear during consultations.  

To be quite honest, when you live in an environment that doesn't shut off, is overstimulating, or overwhelming to you then you SHOULD have stress activating your sympathetic nervous system.  Let's face it, we have to filter our air, water and seek out foods that are healthy to eat.  It is stressful just to stay healthy let alone juggle work, family, friends and other life necessities.  

What do I recommend to help you connect back to your core?  Personally, I love Gregg Braden's work and below is a YouTube link of him explaining and demonstrating the Heart Math Meditation technique.  If you are having trouble staying centered I suggest practicing this every morning and evening.

Tip: Click here to watch and learn from   GREGG BRADEN

I hope you've enjoyed these quick tips to help you ease into the new season. 

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