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Sandra's Blog

Happy Solstice!


Tonight marks the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.  Humans throughout time have left hints and clues that they too celebrated this returning of the sun and longing for the light. It is a reminder that we are connected by our love of light. 

In fact, many have heard me say "We are all light eaters".  Which is true.  We need the sunlight to live a healthy life and I love celebrating the return of that sunlight. 

Some of us are busy preparing for other religious or spiritual end-of-year events, but this day is special to me.  I am a June baby born during the long hours of summer sunlight.  The darkest days are a little harder for me. 

During one of my homeopathic classes I took in Switzerland I learned that the last "clearing" you do homeopathically is based on both the strongest day for the patient (their birthday) and the weakest day (6 months later).  December is my weaker time of year.  Because...

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Dowsing Your 2019 Goals

Happy New Year's Eve!  I know you may be getting ready to go out and about but I wanted to reach out to you before you start ringing in the new year.  Are you thinking about new goals, resolutions or just planning on sitting back and toasting the new year in with champagne?  Whatever you choose, I wanted to wish you a happy and healthy new year and to share with you what I will be doing today - Dowsing my 2019 goals.

Before the ball drops (or the crown here in Charlotte, NC) I like to find time to close out the year.  I find comfort in rituals of wellness and this is one of my favorites.  Here are the supplies I will be using:

  1. Beautiful Beeswax candle
  2. A new Be The Healer Journal (purchase here: JOURNAL)
  3. A blue gel pen
  4. A cup of my favorite tea (at this time of year I mix loose horsetail tea with spicy tulsi and 2 slices of organic lemon - add hot water to my teapot and steep for 10 min) 
  5. My Atlantis pendulum
  6. 1 hour of quiet

During this one...

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