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Summer 2023

Happy Summer!

Last week I had a dear friend and colleague visiting and we found our way to this interesting museum.  (Photo above) The Country Doctor Museum.  There is a small medicine garden and three historic buildings with informative displays (including live leeches).  It brought a smile to my lips to see the herbal tonic for menstruating women included many of the same herbs we use to this day.  

What have you been up to???

Let’s catch up on some of my thoughts about summer and learn a little more about natural health. Topics for today:

  • Camping
  • Classes
  • Courage
  • Crafting

If it’s been awhile since your last energy assessment, you can make an appointment here: 

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If you’re the adventurous type, summer is a great time to get outdoors and ground to the earth simply camping.

This is also known as Earthing and can give the body a much needed reset. It is simple and easy to do no matter where you are (even if you’re NOT the adventurous type).

The weather in North Carolina has been hot, humid, cool and sometimes, intense thunderstorms.  In other words, it’s been all over the place.  However, if you can, I highly encourage getting out into nature.  enjoy a walk, a hike, a soak in a natural hot spring or just simply camping under the stars.  

As we connect with nature and disconnect from technology our nervous system has a chance to recover and reset.  The key is simply touching bare feet, hands or your spine to the earth. Close your eyes and listen.  What do you hear?  Take a deep breath.  What do you smell?  Allow the cool, calming earth to take any unwanted energetic disturbances and transmute them into healthy energetic gifts.   

Too busy to schedule a trip?  I suggest a staycation camping trip right in your own backyard.  Set up a tent and sleep on the ground.  No time for a campout?  Spread a natural fiber blanket on the grass and simply lay your spine along the earth to reconnect. 

Remember the Life-Thyme motto:

”I am healing, As I heal, I become the Healer.”

You can think or say this out loud with eyes closed, hands over the heart chakra.  Take a moment to release into the flow, or pulse of the nature around you.  

How long should you do this?  As long as you can!  Sometimes just 10 minutes of your day is all it takes to get your breathing and heart rate back to healthy rhythms.  

It is so important for animals to ground too.  Furry friends absorb a lot from their human servants owners.  They need to discharge too.  

Hydration is a must during summer so don’t forget your water bottle (hopefully filled with filtered and remineralized water).  Sip frequently and thankfully.  We are just travelers passing through.  The gifts we receive from the nature around us should be savored and enjoyed.  

Be safe and healthy this summer. 


Here at Life-Thyme Solutions, I spend a lot of time teaching and sharing what I have learned over the last thirty years.  I know that there is room for all types of healers and teachers.  We can never have enough as there are so many in need.

Over the past year I have opened up my online training courses @ where practitioners of EAV can find online courses to move their practice forward.  

I also teach a certified Holistic Health class which has two more dates for this year:

  • June 28th, Summer class
  • September 16th, Fall Class

Click here for more details:

This class has a weekly live Wednesday mentor moment where HHP participants and graduates are welcome to join in on the zoom call and ask questions or share results.  Some say this is their favorite part of the class.  

If you too, would like to learn how to help loved ones or incorporate a homotoxicology based education to your practice, I encourage you to sign up.  The more people we have understanding how toxins get into the body and how to safely assess and monitor getting them out - the better.

Courage To Heal

Over the years I have consulted time and again with those who are new to energy work.  It can be confusing.  I get it. 

Energy work can be explained, demonstrated and even practice in many, many different ways.  Who is “right”? This practitioner says this works, another says that works, and yet another says none of the previous practitioners’ modalities have ever worked for them.  How do you know who to go to?

First, let me start by sharing what I have learned from Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophical medicine.  He said, when asked about energy, healing, spirituality, etc,

Don’t believe what I say, but prove it out to yourself!”

These wise words have carried me forward throughout my life.  So many of us forget about how we move through this lifetime.  None of our cells physically touch each other.  Everything is energy.  

In fact, often I tell people to think about what we eat.  Some will name out their favorite “healthy” foods, but I’m talking about what we eat at our core - we are sunlight eaters.  We cannot convert light as easily as plants which makes them a necessary part of our food chain.  Even the animals we eat (if you eat animals) ate plants which converted sunlight into energy to sustain them and then us.  

Light is our highest form of healing that I am aware of.  It can penetrate through our cells.  It can feed our earth.  It can purify crystals and water and do so much more. 

Without light we would not last very long at all.  This is another plug to get outside and enjoy nature, but also to remind you that our interaction with everything around us is dependent on our health.  

Health is the great equalizer.  It doesn’t matter how pretty you are, how wealthy you are, how smart you are - health allows you to create the energy needed to move you through life.

I have found it takes courage to explore and delve into the mysteries of energy and light.  The more you dance with energy and light the more you will realize how our every thought directs and focuses that energy and light.  

It takes courage to discover that only you can heal yourself.  Many times a new appointment lets me know that they expect me to heal them.  They expect me to magic energy into their tired and weary souls.  Believe me, if I had that power the world would be a very different place.  

Instead, I can assess through EAV the biopotential of the body, let you know where you are running low and find energetic matches for you to invite into your life.  I hold a mirror so you can see where you need to direct energy into your own life.  Then, in follow-up appointments we can see if the changes you incorporated made a difference.  Are your energy readings better?  Did your biopotential increase?

Think of energy as abundant, ever-present and beneficent.  It’s all around us.  What do we do with it? How do we interact with it?  Do we curse it?  Do we ignore it?  Do we take time out of our busy schedule to play with it?  Do we even acknowledge it at all?  

The more attuned we are with light and energy the more information we are able to process.  We can interact with our environment with abundance and kindness instead of fear and lack. We can learn, share and grow together instead of separately because let’s face it, we are all connected. 

The question to ask about energy is this:

”Are you making energy or are you taking energy?”


Some of you may know that I love to learn.  

During the lockdown period I learned how to knit.  Knitting is an activity for men, women and children.  It uses both hands and activates both left and right brain function.  It can also be very calming to the nervous system (there are actual scientific studies on this).  So the last thing I want to leave you with is my summer knitting obsession - a free pattern you can easily and quickly knit, “An Italian Summer Scarf”.

I have been knitting these left and right and gifting them to a few lucky friends.  I personally prefer and suggest using natural fibers with your crafting endeavors.  For summer, cotton, linen and silk are great choices.  My newest scarf was made with Knitting For Olive Pure Silk in the color Wheat.

This pattern uses a simple construction that allows you to be in control of the size, length, yarn and needles used to make it.  Above is my most current mini-scarf but I have made the full size and a medium size too.

Go here to access the pattern and please share if you decided to give it a try.  Pattern Here 

Crafting can open up our imaginations and allow us to express our creativity.  I encourage you to find something that fills you with joy. 

Have a wonderful summer and hope to hear from you soon.

Sandra Stewart

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