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Working From HOME

I hope this finds everyone safe and sound.  These are difficult times, but they are not hopeless times.  Just like you, I have had friends, family and clients who have gone through COVID-19 scares.  Thankfully no one I know has died.  

My heart goes out to those who have experienced dealing with death during this time - whether from the frontlines or with your own household.  

My mom was in the ICU for 3 days (she is okay now) and my dad had an ER visit and came home with a nebulizer.  It's been scary.  Many of the practitioners I work with have shared they've experienced COVID symptoms but were unable to get tested.  Some have ended up in the hospital, or diagnosed by their primary care doctor, with pneumonia.  

In my consulting practice, clients have had pneumonia symptoms and urgent care diagnoses since late November and I wonder how many of those may have been this virus?  I have no idea when we will know the truth but I do know what most people are feeling because they are sharing those feelings with me.  

Scared, anxious, sad, powerless, depressed, lethargic, tired, stuck, and afraid are some of the words being used. 

Grief is a huge issue right now.  I believe this is being expressed on many of the body's Energetic planes.  One health-related connection in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the link between the emotion of grief and the lung meridian.  Keeping that lung meridian balanced may be a good idea. 

What are we suppose to feel right now? How are we handling the stress of staying at home, working from home, teaching children at home, experiencing financial issues, having mental health issues, being displaced at work, etc???  

First of all, there are no wrong feelings.  Grief is big because we are grieving over many issues all at once.  One person shared they feel grief over not being able to see their co-workers.  Others have felt paralyzed by worry that they, or their loved ones, will be harmed by this outbreak.  Others have shared that they don't know what their next step is.  They've been let go.  They don't have enough cash reserves.  They don't have enough to eat.  They don't have access to healthcare.  As I said, many different but simultaneous reasons for grief right now.  

I have been keeping as balanced as I can through using my Energy Balancing tools, diffusing uplifting essential oils, weekly Halotherapy session, walks in nature and watching comedic shows and movies.  Laughter is a wonderful medicine.  Nature is even better (in my humble opinion).  

Sometimes,  I find that I have to energetically balance myself 2-3x in one day.  You may need this too.  Don't beat yourself up.  Find what works for you.  Be kind to yourself.  

Texts and emails are opened with a "brace-yourself" bravado because I never know who is going to need support and some support is hard to provide.  Natural immune supplements are out of stock.  Many manufacturers do not know when they can replenish their stores or when practitioners will receive them.  There is a lot of uncertainty in the air. 

For those clients who are on Fullscript, they are doing the best they can to fulfill your orders.  They are open and they are working hard.  When you log into your account you can click on the left and scroll through the whole catalog that I have opened.  If you see something in stock that you need for a friend or a family member, you have access to order it. 

I don't know how these past weeks have effected your workplace.  I know my brick and mortar practice has been empty ever since Stay-At-Home/Work-at-Home.  I also know this week some states are opening up again.  In North Carolina we are still hunkering down.  I've transferred my charts and equipment to my home office and yes, I am available for long-distance tele-session consultations, long-distance EAV testing and long-distance Energy Clearings.  This change will be a permanent solution for the time being. 

What is a Life-Thyme Solutions Energy Clearing?  Good question - I'll do my best to answer this.  During these challenging times, I am charging $75 for a 60 min Long Distance Energy Clearing.  You can book these directly here: BOOK NOW

Many practitioners have different certifications, classes or modalities they prefer.  I LOVE Energy Balancing and since I am halfway through my 3rd decade of Energy Clearings I have collected a lot of experience and tools.  With EAV I am measuring your energetic meridians and then finding a resonance that balances with those energetic meridians.  I have to use a surrogate tester (a live body) for long distance EAV  and usually my daughter is the guinea pig (thank you Laura).  It is more time consuming and I am looking to find energetic resonance with supplements or lifestyle changes for me to recommended to you.    

With a Long Distance Energy Clearing I do not send you supplement suggestions.  Instead, I focus on other ways to have your energy fields balanced using a personalized combination of Sacred Geometry, Therapeutic Radiesthesia, Sound, Color, BioGenesis tools and more.  

What does it look like?  Usually we meet for a 15 min tele-session video through my health professional Zoom site (this is not normal Zoom and is HIPPA approved).  

During that time I want to know what you would like to focus on.  What do you feel is out of balanced?  What are you having a hard time with?  I usually ask that you do quiet work, take a nap or just stay mindful for the next 45 minutes while I connect in.  

Some people are very sensitive to energy work and no matter where they are in the world, they may feel the energy tools working on them.  Others may choose to be in a meditative state or nap and just let the tools do their work.  Some feel nothing but remark that they are 'lighter' afterwards as if a burden has been lifted from their shoulders.  There are no promises of what you will experience as each person is individual.  

Afterwards, I spend the next 45 minutes dowsing over your surrogate envelope.

Here is an example of my own surrogate envelope   (A surrogate envelope is a coin sized 2"x3" envelope that is sent prior to your appointment.  If you already have one in your chart there is no need to send another.  Think of this as your bioenergetic telephone number. It should contain a few strands of loose hair and it should be sealed with your own saliva. On the front of the envelope simply put your full name and birthdate.  It's that simple!

During this time I go through energetic remedies and tools to see what you resonate with.  Some people only resonate with a Universal Pendulum clearing and I use that tool over their envelope.  Others need therapeutic energy work and then some longer energy work.  After working with the therapeutic tools it may dowse to leave some tools on your envelope for a set period of time.  I will dowse out which tools and how long they should stay on your envelope.  I jokingly call this "cooking" your envelope because it's like an individualized recipe for ingredients (tools), time to "cook" and energetic outcome.  You are done when we do not get any more hits to keep balancing.  

Energy Tools I check:

  • BioGenesis Tools
  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Universal Pendulum
  • Archangel Pendulum
  • Large Mer-Isis Pendulum
  • Actually I have a large collection of therapeutic pendulums so I won't list them all
  • Lecher Antenna
  • Crystals (Including a few crystal skulls)
  • Essential Oils
  • Colors
  • Tuning Forks
  • Vogel crystals 

Here is an example of one of my clients "Energetically Balancing" : 

The energy tools are laid out in the order and number that have dowsed for that particular client at the time of their appointment.  They may need to be on there for an hour or a few days.  Everyone's clearing is individualized to what they are energetically resonating with at that time.  I usually send a short report and a picture like the one above to show you which tools were used and report my findings. 

Hopefully this has opened your eyes to a new way you can have your energy balanced.  I tried to simplify the explanation as best as I could.  If you have questions, please send me an email.  

If you are an EAV practitioner looking to sign up for the first EAV Masterclass, please be patient.  My team of 1 is busy every day working to make this happen.  The virus and lockdown have delayed things a bit but it should be soon.  

Please stay strong, stay happy and stay healthy.  If you feel you are in need of an Energy Tune-Up, book an appointment today.


Sandra Stewart

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