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COVID Time Warp

Hello beautiful and healthy people!

It's been a year since my last blog but it feels like it was just yesterday.  Where is the time going?  I've been calling it, the COVID Time Warp.  

COVID has changed the landscape for work, family, health and well, EVERYTHING.  I know, I know, you're tired of hearing about it, reading about it and thinking about it.  Believe me, I am too.  But there has been some bright lights for the past year.  I've been keeping extremely busy, but I like that.

If I haven't heard from you in awhile, feel free to send me an email or quick text to just let me know how you are doing.  

Life-Thyme Solutions has been adapting, shifting and changing along with everyone else.  We've had some changes and in this blog I aim to give you all the updates. 

So, there is first and foremost an address change.  I am still in lusciously green North Carolina - because I love it here.  But I've moved!  Starting May 1st I have been in Cary, North Carolina and this was before they announce the Apple East Coast campus would be built here.  (You know I follow my dowsing so I'm not surprised).  It is beautiful here.  The picture on today's blog is from Hemlock Bluff Nature Preserve where I went walking yesterday.  

  • 1249 Kildaire Farm Rd #143, Cary, NC, 27511
  • 704-247-6677 (phone number is the same)

Second announcement: Next week, May 24th, my office will be closed for holiday.  It will be a staycation, but I have a new place to explore and I'm looking forward to it.  After that, I am opening up a few more days for those who are looking to get back into the groove of health.  Reminder, you can book your online follow-up or energy balancing appointments here: BOOK APPOINTMENTS HERE If you are getting a long-distance EAV appointment or an Energy Balancing appointment and you don't have a sample envelope sent in, then please mail it to the new address.  (Directions on how to make this are on the website under appointments).

Third announcement: I've created a new website for EAV and professional practitioners which is being built here:EAV Master  This will soon have online Level II Avatar training and I'm in the works to get my Holistic Health Practitioner Online certification classes up here too.  Hoping to launch by June 25th.  I am still doing live EAV level 1 trainings for those who purchase or who have purchased a new Avatar EAV equipment.  

Fourth: As a client of Life-Thyme Solutions if you are currently enrolled in my online practice you have access to my full online pharmacy at they just published a quick reference sheet for the top Longevity and Healthy Aging supplements.  Click here to read more: Longevity and Healthy Aging

Lastly, it was so nice to get to teaching again this past January at the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry!  A shout out to the new students getting their Naturopath Certification.  It was a pleasure to share that time of learning and knowledge. 

Hopefully this catches us up.  I always want to have more contact and do more blogs but honestly, the time just gets away.  Be well and be kind - let love lead the way.

Yours in health,

Sandra Stewart


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