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Welcome Spring!

Spring Equinox is here!

Welcome spring!  The time of blooming and birdsong is here and I, for one, am very happy.  This vernal equinox is said to be a time to celebrate rebirth, new hope, starting over and other beginnings.  It is a perfect time for me to launch my new 6 week online class, BE THE HEALERTM program.  

In the hopes of sharing my own journey of wellness with more people than I can personally consult with, I've created this class to give everyone interested in raising the bar on their wellness, a chance to do so.  An initial consultation as a health coach with me is $250 for 90 min.  But there is so much work you can do on your own to get going and this class at $97 is a bargain.

Your class will include six weeks of videos, tips and hints, webinars and more.  Simply click on the bottom of the page under BE THE HEALER or click HERE to sign up today.  

I am really proud of this class.  It feels good to have something out in the world that offers hope, joy and encouragement.  We have so much "fake news", bad news and our own health challenges to deal with that many times we can become distracted in our own healing process.  

I cannot "fix" anyone, I cannot diagnose anyone, I cannot prescribe nor suggest you go off of your medications as a health coach.  However, I can share with you the very information I teach health practitioners all over the United States.  I can share my own journeys in the wellness world.  I can help you BE THE HEALER.

Being a victim in your own health journey is a choice.  Inactivity is a choice.  As you know, I truly believe that HEALTH too is a choice.  That doesn't mean you can go through this class and be diagnosed with "Spontaneous Remission", as I have with my cancer diagnosis, but it does mean that EVERYONE has choice in their health and wellness and EVERYONE can improve those choices.  

Join the BE THE HEALER class today and see what choices you can improve on in your own life.

Wishing you wellness,

Sandra Stewart

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