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Welcome 2017!

January has been a fickle month in the weather department here in Oregon.  This has caused all sorts of calls to the office to support sniffles and coughs.  One moment it is a warm 50 degrees and the next it drops below freezing.  One thing is for certain, change is in the air.  Here at Life-Thyme Solutions, we have changed our website and updated it to better serve our professional and personal coaching clients.  You will find that in the coming months more content will be added regularly and that social media (yikes) will become part of our reality.  

I believe the theme "FLEXIBILITY" will be applicable in 2017.   This is also good for personal health.  Being flexible allows you to bend and move with the changes instead of breaking with them.  It is a true sign of growth and survival of the fittest.  When we learn to be flexible we also learn to be mindful and in the moment.  

A good exercise is to take a moment to just see where, in your own life, you may need to learn, or respond in, a more flexible manner.  Perhaps the weather has your muscles tightening and you could use more physical stretching in your life.  Maybe you find your temper is a little more present and incorporating a few breathing exercises can help.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Checking in with yourself is the best way to monitor patterns and habits that creep into our lives. 

Remember, healing is not a one-time event - it is a Life-Thyme Solution!

Be well and enjoy more flexibility,

Sandra Stewart

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