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Those who know me, know I was a sugar addict.  What is the difference between someone who enjoys a little sweet now and then and an addict? 

First, you can't eat just a little sugar.  If you do, you simply want more - which creates a whole cycle of addiction. 

You know that little voice in your head?  The one that says, "One bite won't hurt".  Well for a sugar addict that voice is heard and heeded even if you know you shouldn't.

Last September, after comparing 4 quarterly cbc blood tests side-by-side, I noticed my glucose levels (while not at diabetic level) were consistently rising.  Not only that, I had a hypoglycemic event that led to an ER visit.  That is when I decided my addiction had to end and I went on a keto diet. 

In my consulting office we have a few simple screenings we can do.  One is to look at a few drops of urine through a sugar refactometer.  This screening does not diagnose diabetes (only your doctor can do that) but it can measure your efficiency of cellular sugar metabolization.

Once you are low-carb and keto adapted, your blood glucose levels look great.  However, running my urine through this quick screening resulted in poor sugar and carbohydrate metabolizing abilities. 

Why is this important?  If you've been reading the news about Alzheimer's (also known as Diabetes type 3), Diabetes, Obesity, Chronic Illnesses, etc. that are on the rise, you will also read about the link to poor sugar metabolization abilities.

What is the solution?  Scientifically, I would love to see the studies on if GMO crops could be involved in our sugar metabolization due to genetic alterations of plants from the pollenation and creation of honey to sugar cane.  Practically, I can stop eating sugar and refined carbohydrates

How is that possible?  Only by using a natural sugar replacement.  That replacement, for me is mostly erythritol and monkfruit called, Lakanto.  If you'd like to make changes in your diet, you can buy Lakanto HERE.

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