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Healthy Teeth = Healthy Body

I am so loving the weather right now!  It’s almost hard to sit and write this blog post.  But I do want to give you an update and share some information with you.

This May,  I will be traveling to New Jersey to teach at the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry.  I always enjoy teaching, but this is special group of people who I can really identify with.  For those who don’t know, I started my professional career working as a dental assistant.  This was in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  Let me tell you, dentistry has come a long way!  However, I would never call it a healthy field to work in.  For some dentists they have spent years working with replacing amalgam fillings, being exposed to chemicals they use in their field and hearing EVERY day - “Don’t take this personally, but I hate dentists!”  

All the participants are learning how to better offer holistic health to their patients.  Many dentists advertise they are holistic, but I have found that their education and their practice focus can greatly differ from one to the other.  That is why having something like the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry can offer BioDentist in training exposure to everything from energy medicine to ozone therapy.  

How important are your teeth to your health?  Dr. Voll (German pathologist responsible for creating Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll), was known to teach his belief that 90% of illness begins in the mouth.  That is a pretty bold statement and he followed it up with years of meridian testing showing the relationship between the teeth and the body’s organ systems.  He even had special testing probes to test the conductivity of the tooth’s meridian.  Why?  Because, each tooth has a direct relationship to specific organ meridians.  There is even a tooth energetic meridian chart.  A simple internet search will bring up many of them.

What are meridians?  Well, if you follow this blog you may know this already, but there isn’t a clear-cut definition.  The best way I can describe them would be to say they are invisible (to the human eye but not to technology) lines of energy that run throughout our bodies.  If you’ve ever seen an Acupuncture doll those lines running from from the fingers and toes throughout the body are a representation of those meridians.  

Physically, you may have a kidney problem.  You think, great, I’ll take something for my kidney.  Maybe you drink horsetail tea or you go to the doctor and have blood/urine tests done to test your kidney.  However, the question that I find most helpful to ask and explore is whether this is an energetic kidney problem or a physical one?  The kidney meridian is associated with many other issues besides just kidney.  There are energy points that are linked with a variety of of health associations that can be physical (kidney infection), emotional (fear), or spiritual (2nd Sacral Chakra).  Not only that, the cause of the kidney issue could be related to a tooth infection or other dental issue you may have.

If you look at your teeth in the mirror and locate the midline, you will find the teeth two to the right and two to the left sit on the kidney/bladder meridian.  (This holds true for both the upper and lower teeth).  Let’s say you got into a fight and had your upper front tooth broken (we’ll say tooth #8) and it took a root canal and a crown to “save” the tooth.  You are now left with dead tissue, chemicals and metals (usually cadmium and soften silver are used as gutta percha to fill the extracted root space).  That dead tooth no longer has blood flow, nerve flow, etc.  But it may have bacteria, fungus, trauma, and everything else that was used to complete the root canal.  Years go by and you continually have back/kidney pain.  No one can get to the root cause of it (pun intended).   Chiropractor adjustments don’t help.  Medication doesn’t improve your situation.  But have you thought about that tooth you damaged years ago???  Probably not.  

This is where energy testing may help.  On the outside of your thumb there is a meridian for the Lymph system.  One specific point is called the Lymph-Jaw-Drainage point.  That point is linked to energetic disturbances from the teeth.  With meridian testing, high readings can be an indicator of energetic acute/inflammation and low readings can be an indicator of energetic chronic/degenerative issues.  

For those who want to learn more, I recommend a book by fellow EAV practitioner, Dawn Ewing called, “Let The Tooth Be Known: are your teeth making you sick?”.  Dawn was also featured in the recent 2018 documentary “Root Cause”.  Because sometimes it really is ‘all in your head’.

There are many ways to move towards health, but sometimes you simply need a guide.  If you’d like to make an appointment with me, online booking is available for the following:

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