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Happy Thanksgiving

I am so happy to report that I’ve noticed so much more reaching out and connecting this holiday season.  I wanted to add my thanks to all of you.  It is so important to connect, communicate and create at this time.  

However you choose to celebrate this holiday season I wish you happiness, health and a cultivation of what Rudolf Steiner called “holistic thinking”.  Holistic thinking involves asking why and finding the truth out for yourself.  Everyone of you are on the path of holistic health because you asked “Why?”

Why am I having these symptoms?  Why am I unable to feel enough energy to get through the day?  Why am I so stressed?  Why do I have to be taught what is healthy for my body to eat and drink?  Why, why, why?

Keep asking this question as you move through this season.  Keep looking for answers to your health questions.  This is a time of great reflection and imagination.  If social media, news outlets and even your relatives are getting you down, frustrated, fearful, depressed or irritated it’s time to take a breath and ask why?  

Why are you in connection with them?  Because you love each other.

Why are they ignorant of the choices you have made towards better health?  Because they are on a different path.

Why don’t they ‘get’ you?  Because each of us struggles to know our own selves.  It is a difficult task.  Knowing someone else is even more difficult. 

Don’t just ‘be grateful’ as the t-shirts, memes, and bumper stickers demand - meditate about it.  Sit with the feeling of gratefulness.  What does it mean to you?  How do you feel it?  If you’re stuck, you can start simply by acknowledging your own self discovery and healing first and then move out to your family, friends and the world.  

The world is truly a beautiful place.  People, all people, are beautiful.  Nature can help us put things into perspective.  So, don’t hide away in fear and shame.  Instead use your imagination to mirror the fear away from you and spread joy and love.  

This season:

Connect - in whatever way you are comfortable with.  Make a family FaceTime or Zoom call.  Send a gift to someone just because.  Spend person-to-person time with happiness and joy. 

Communicate - Use your social media, your tech, and/or handwritten notes to spread joy and love.  

Create - My challenge to you this season is to create something for yourself and then create something for someone else. It can be a card, a gift, any expression that moves you.  Creativity is the key to opening our imagination and our imagination is the key to the universe.  

Be well my friends.  If you need an energetic tune-up simply book one on the website.  Again, I am so thankful for you.


Sandra Stewart

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