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Happy Spring!

2022 spring Mar 21, 2022

Happy Spring!

This is one of my favorite times of the year.  Everything in North Carolina is blooming so that means liver/allergy support time is here.  Some simple solutions:

  1. Trees bloom first so keep those windows closed at night
  2. Quercetin can be a big support during allergy season
  3. Elderberry (Sambucus) is one of my favorite supports during allergy season and if you're ordering on my Fullscript catalog you can see here:
  4. Book an Energy Balancing appointment and have allergy support broadcasted to your testing envelope for remote support 
  5. Book a follow-up assessment to give yourself a spring tune up

Click here to book an appointment

I have a new toy in the office which allows me to broadcast Rife Frequencies into your testing envelope.  If you'd like an appointment simply book an Energy Balancing appointment.   If you'd like to purchase your own, I have a referral link for you here:

I’ve been using Spooky2 Rife recently and loving it! Spooky2 is the world's most advanced and effective health system, and it is amazing value for money. Now you can get a 3% discount for your first order. This coupon is only for the purchase of Spooky2 New Users Kits and will expire after 4 weeks. Use coupon: REFQ6PEKTYE3Q @ Frequency Machine
I hope your spring has you smiling with sunshine and health!
Yours in health,
Sandra Stewart
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