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Halloween Sweets

Happy October!  I know, I’m late getting this out ~ I have no idea where the time has gone.  October is conference month which means just about every weekend I’ve been out at conferences (including this one).  In fact, I’m in my hotel room now typing this because I wanted to update everyone on what is going on at LTS (Life-Thyme Solutions).

First, I have taken on the position of Director of Education for Marco Pharma International, LLC.  Those who know me, understand how highly I value education.  I now have an even larger opportunity to share knowledge and experience with practitioners utilizing natural remedies.  It’s a very exciting time but it will limit my consultation availability.

Second, I want to remind you that the Be The Healer class is an online class anyone can purchase and take.  It’s the cornerstone of what I educate clients on when they consult me about their health.  How to get started?  What do you monitor?  What’s important to focus on?  Anyone interested in a new consultation will be directed here first.  So for those who refer clients to me, please send them to the website and encourage them to start here.  It’s a great primer to get on board with before they come in for their appointment.  

Third, Halloween is right around the corner and this is a time many clients come to my office with mini nuclear health bombs (disguised as candy) falling out of their pockets, displayed with abandoned at their work stations and stashed in their purses or briefcases.  Yes, media has made sure to start the sugar season nice and early.  Many have succumbed to the sweet smell of sugar as you shop.  Isn’t it convenient that that cookies are always baking when you go shopping or bags of candy are clumped together so that you can actually smell the sweetness along with the visual stimulation of the brightly colored packages? Add a holiday on to that, bringing with it nostalgia for childhood, and you have the recipe for disaster.  Sugar is not your friend and it is especially not your child’s friend.  It leads to inflammatory responses in the body and can be a contributor to lifestyle habits that lead to obesity and chronic illness.  We think of it as an innocent snack, a token of love or friendship, and even a harmless addiction.  But in reality, if you eat to live you would never choose sugar.  Complex carbohydrates, yes, but not sugar and especially not in the quatities the average American consumes.  So if the sugar bug hits you hard, add a little vanilla to your healthy tea or decaf coffee and as you breathe in the smell before you sip, read up on the harmful effects sugar can have on your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

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