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Fear Not - Live, Love & Learn

Hello my health conscious friends! 

I hope this finds you well and safe.  I wanted to send a message to FEAR NOT.  Not because I have any answers or a magic remedy to fix the situation, but because FEAR CAN LOWER YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.  

For more information on how emotional responses like stress and fear do this click here: Simple Psychology

One of our healthy activities we are doing at home is growing organic sprouts from Hamama.  It’s the easiest, cleanest and best way I have ever grown sprouts.  My daughter has kept us in sprouts weekly.  Click on my affiliate link to order yours here: SANDRA’S HAMAMA LINK

I have received phone calls, emails, and texts (with lots of emojis) expressing stress and worry over the Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Yes, this is a serious health crisis we are under.  Most people and companies are unprepared for how to handle quarantine, supplies, business protocols, childcare and anything else that is disrupted from our idea of what normal life and work is about.  In fact, yesterday my whole day was made better because my InstaCart shopper found toilet paper for our household.  

But the point is, how did it come to this and how do we deal with this situation?

I do not want to write and remind you to wash your hands.  Instead I invite you to take the free time you have available to connect electronically and personally.  Mental health issues can be greatly increased under isolation, times of stress and loss of control.  

Let’s work together to get through this.

Starting Wednesday,  March 25th at 10am Eastern Time, I will host a free online holistic wellness support group.  If there is enough interest we can meet every week until April 15th.  Let’s join together to discuss how to move through these difficult times.  You can join the program here: JOIN WELLNESS GROUP HERE.  

To be honest, this is the first time I am doing a group event like this, so it is entirely possible there may be a few glitches.  However, I feel this is a good way to stay in touch, share tips and hints and offer support. Please join in on the discussion.

Feel free to share the link and have friends and family join in.  I am hoping for a positive and uplifting group.  We are all nervous but those in this field have many tools to share. 

For those looking to join the monthly EAV Masterclass group we will start in April and EAV practitioners will receive a separate email.  If you don’t receive one by next week please email me @ [email protected] to let me know.  Email can be tricky and count businesses as spam.   Make sure you have allowed my address.  If I send an email and it’s blocked I have no way of knowing until you contact me.  

In the meantime, if you look to expand your learning, I do have the online class, “Be The Healer” available on the website for $149 click here to sign up and start making lifestyle changes: Be The Healer Class

I am asking for all clients to schedule ONLINE consultation appointments only.  They can be by phone or video through my HIPPA approved software platform. You can schedule your online appointments through my Tele-Medicine Software here: Online Consultations Avail Here.

If you do not have a sample envelope created for me to assess please place a few strands of hair in a small envelope and seal with your saliva.  Place your name and birthdate on the front and then put in a separate envelope and mail to my office @ 17111 Kenton Drive, Suite 206 B, Cornelius, NC, 28031.  

Make sure the envelope arrives before your scheduled appointment.  

With that envelope I can do long-distance EAV assessments and/or Energy Balancing using a variety of energy tools: Universal pendulum, Angelic Pendulum, BioGenesis tools and various other energy tools.  

Be strong, be kind and be present.  We need your beautiful spirit in this world.

My best,

Sandra Stewart

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