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Happy & Healthy Holidays!


Where has the time gone?  I mean, it seems like it was just yesterday I was enjoying beautiful summer weather and now it's Thanksgiving!  I know, if you are like me, the days are full and that is a blessing.  For some, you may feel like you never get around to really committing to health.  This newsletter is for you.  I have a few updates that may help you.

Last month I did my first ever booth for the Cornelius Chamber of Commerce Business Expo.  We raffled off a beautiful basket filled with health goodies and I did free tongue screenings (much to the surprise of those passing by.  Yes, I'm that lady - the one who looks at your tongue to see how healthy you are).  LOL 

My new practice is slowly building up local support.  I appreciate technology and the ability to keep and support my clients around the US.  Are you having as much fun during a tele-session as I am???  

1) Making your initial or follow-up consultations has never been easier.  Simply click on appointments in the website and you can find the perfect time to get your health back on track.  Too busy or too far away to come in?  I have you covered with tele-session appointments.  It's cold and flu season which means you may need a little extra natural immune boosting support.  

2) Life-Thyme Solutions in now connected with the online dispensary - Fullscript.  What does this mean for you?  Many of the practitioner-only remedies I utilize will be available to order for those who have had consultations with recommendations.  If you've been seen in the last 6 months you will receive an email with the invite.  Fullscript will allow you to get your refills and orders sent right to your home.  Bonus, they will even remind you when you're getting low.  Win-Win!

3) Starting January Life-Thyme Solutions will be offering a 30-Day Reset & Restart 2020 Challenge program to get your new year started off healthy.  This program would also make a lovely gift for those who are gifting health to their friends and family.  More info to come soon on this. 

4) Attention EAV/EDS Practitioners!  Starting in January a Mastermind Subscription Service will be offered.  Please email me if you are interested in the EAV/EDS Practitioner Mastermind Group.  We'll meet once a month LIVE and learn new protocols, EAV advanced questions, share knowledge and more.  This is a chance to up your game with EAV/EDS testing.  Maybe you're in a rut?  Maybe you developed bad habits?  Maybe you need a refresher?  I want to bring together a group of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to learning and sharing their best EAV/EDS practices.  

5) For those who experience Acid Reflux it can be extremely active during the holidays.  Stop by and pick up natural support 1-5pm Tuesday-Friday at the office. 

6) If you are able to come to the office, please note, that we offer HRV (Heart Rate Variability) screenings and can rent our Photon Sound Beam out for 30 min sessions in our energy room.  It's an energetic boost to your meridians.  I try to find the time to do one every week.  

Please have a safe, happy and healthy holiday season!  

Sandra Stewart

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