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Are you ready to change your health with natural solutions?  If so, you've come to the right place.  

Sandra Stewart is a Naturopath who has traveled the world to study, learn and offer you the best in holistic health consultations.  

She has been where you are right now.  She was confused, scared and unsure of where to go or what to do to improve her own health challenges. 

Since 1992 she has learned how to Bioenergetically assess the body and find bioresonance to guide her lifestyle choices to encourage self-healing.

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Traditional Naturopathy

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Do you want to start working on your health and wellness goals? We have three ways for you to work with our programs. Choose the one right for you.

In Person - Cornelius, NC

If you can visit our office in person this is the choice for you.  


Online Video Appointment

If you would like a long-distance appointment we subscribe to HIPPA compliant online video software for video/chat appointments. Click here to learn more.


DIY Health - Online Programs

Are you the type of person who just needs a little self-help?  If you have access to a computer you can start right now with one of our programs.